File Manager using vuejs, element ui as frontend and php as backend

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VueDisk File Manager

File Manager using vuejs, element ui as frontend and php as backend.

Inspired from Filegator, Aws S3 explorer and Google Drive UI.


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How to setup?

  1. Change or add username, password and home directory in the file apis/base-dir.php and you are good to go. It doesn’t use any type of database.
  2. Copy script to your php server or cloud.

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Ans. Increase memory limit and execution time limit (maximum the better). Vuedisk generates thumbnails when you open that directory. Therefore it could be slow ( or may be very slow). When you click on any image thumbnail, then it generates another image thumbnail.

This is because lets say I have an Image whose size is 10 MB. So at first it generates image of height 320px (~ 150 KB). When you click on that image, it generates image of height 720px (~ 2MB). And when you click download button, it downloads original image (10 MB).

To counter this slowness, I created a golang program (which is very fast at converting images) which was to be called by the thumbnail.php but php restricted to call exec() method. So if you php server allows calling exec() method then you can try it (rename apis/thumbnail-next.php to apis/thumbnail.php)

Also it would be better if you use SSD storage.